My journey into Yoga began over a decade ago when my martial arts teacher suggested Yoga to improve my mental focus and core strength. I soon discovered that Yoga offered a spiritual balance that complemented my martial arts and fitness training. In 2008 I completed my first 200-hour Teacher Training under the renowned Yoga teacher Annie Carpenter. I began teaching Hatha Yoga shortly after that.

In 2011, I took my first class at a CorePower Yoga studio. I instantly fell in love with the intensity of a heated practice that combined Yoga, fitness, and music. Then, I furthered my training by becoming certified to teach CorePower’s signature Yoga Sculpt and Power Yoga classes. While teaching at CorePower, I discovered the power that music can have on a classroom of students. I began to learn the basics of music theory and to mix music for my classes.
Most recently, I took some time off from teaching to complete an advanced 300-hour Teacher Training program at YogaWorks under the mentorship of Gigi Snyder.

Besides teaching Yoga, I am also a Director of Creative Services at a communications technology company in Southern California. I have an MBA from Cal State Monterey Bay in case you are interested. As a technologist, I can see the value of Yoga as a technology. It is a technology that can empower and help us with the challenges we face in our lives.
My passion is to serve my community by empowering others through this ancient and magnificent technology of Yoga. Hence why sometimes I don’t say I teach power yoga but instead say “empowerment yoga.” Yoga can certainly make one’s body healthier, but the real value is how it can make one’s character more reliable and compassionate.
And I personally think the world can use more compassion!